Monday, 10 March 2014

My Everyday Eye Makeup

I've wanted to do a 'Face of the Day' post for a while but for weeks I've had a coldsore on my face bugging me so instead I decided to show you my everyday eye makeup! This is the routine I follow on uni days or when I am in a rush, hence the how simple it is:


First off I colour my brows with the brow eye shadow in my Sleek i-Divine Storm palette (as you can see I have hardly any of this colour left). I love this palette and I keep buying it over and over mainly for the brown for my brows but I recently ordered the Sleek Brow Kit so fingers crossed it works just as well! Then I apply foundation to my eyelids (Revlon Colourstay). I like to do this after so I can line the under part of my brows to make them more defined.

I then apply a thin layer of my Collection Extreme 24h felt tip liner to my top lid and flick it out a little at the end. I love this eyeliner as it lasts quite a while for a felt tip, is easy to use and also its very dark. The main thing I like about it though is that its only £2.99! For lining my bottom lid I wet my brush and use the black from my Sleek palette.

Mascara is the final product that I apply. I started using this Collection Supersize mascara when I first became a poor student as its only £2.99 and just continued to use it as it does the job. I actually have a review of it here! I curl my lashes, apply one layer and then go back in when my lashes are dry with another layer as somehow I think this makes them longer and fuller.

Do you use any of these products?


  1. Oh I follow the same routine (kind of) but with my Naked Basics. I like how it looks! Very natural! :) x

    1. Im dying to get my hands on that palette! thanks for reading:)

  2. I love my Sleek palette, I use it everyday.


    1. i love them too! I have totally neglected it recently though

  3. loving your make up!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,