Monday, 17 February 2014

Empties #1

Here are a few products that I have finished recently:

1.  This Argan Oil conditioner has to be my favourite right now! Mainly because it only costs £1 from Savers yet it is worth way more. My hair is left soft and nourished after every use however I would say I find my hair goes oilier quicker due to the intense amounts of oil that this product contains. Other than that this product is perfect, I'm on my 4th bottle and I'm normally one to constantly change my conditioner!

2. Great Lash mascara from Maybelline is definitely high up on my favourites list. I went through a phase of only using this mascara until I recently found out about the Collection one I am currently using (recent blog post). I find that Great Lash makes my eyelashes look considerably longer than they actually are however I find when the product is first opened that its too liquidy and needs a while to dry out a little but for £4.99 I still think the product is worth the money.

3. I definitely wasn't too in love with this Maybelline Superstay 24 hour foundation. I had the colour 'light beige' which was the lightest of the collection in the store that I was in and it was still a bit too dark for me! Also I found that it applied very patchy and just did not create a flawless look (for me). Ill be going back to my Revlon colourstay now!

4. The Carex handwash smells amazing! I remember loving strawberry laces when I was younger and this product proves not much has changed. The smell lingers on your hands for ages and it even leaves the bathroom smelling nice!

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